More of Bobby’s (and Daisy’s) favourite books…

Bobs books

1. Maps by Aleksandra Mizielinska: This book is so good. Beautifully illustrated with pictures of each country and what can be found there. It’s a celebration of the world and everything that’s on it. Fantastic for children and adults. Bobby loves looking at each page.

2. Life Story by Virginia Lee Burton: A fabulous book. I am learning things from reading this to the kids. It’s the story of the beginning of life on earth up until now. Beautiful illustrations, very retro. Bobby is not only fascinated by the story but also the pictures. Very informative. A great book to inspire a love of natural history in your children.

3. Stuck by Oliver Jeffers: Another fantasic book by Oliver Jeffers. Daisy and Bob think it is so funny to see what gets thrown at the tree to get Floyd’s kite down. A must read.

4. Norman the Slug with a Silly Shell by Sue Hendra: Such a funny little story with bright illustrations which Daisy and Bobby both love.  It’s good to hear them giggle when he gets his silly shell. The story is short and the pictures definitely help to tell it.

Shelley x

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