Olivier Baby and kids…

Olivier Girl

1. Olivier Baby Lottie Sundress £39-£42

2. Joules Stripe Top £14.95

3. Trotters Navy Nantucket Canvas Shoes  £15

Oh my have you checked out the beautiful Olivier Baby and Kids site yet? It is absolutely magnificent and has truly stunning clothes for children and babies. I could happily purchase everything as I love it all. I loved it in the winter when it had beautiful hats and snoods in gorgeous colours.

In this post I have picked out what I would choose for Daisy and Bobby and a baby’s outfit I would have if I could. I LOVE the above dress, I have styled it how I would dress Daisy in it whilst it’s still a bit chilly, but come summer I would take off the top and show it (and her) off on holiday, so perfect.

Olivier Boy

1. Olivier Baby Ned Liberty Grandpa Shirt £37

2. Gap Denim Carpenter Shorts £14.95

3. Birkenstock New York Sandal at Elias and Grace £48

For Bobby I have chosen the dinosaur shirt as he is obsessed with them and so would quite happily wear this all the time. I love grandpa style shirts, as they look so classy. This could easily be dressed up or down. Again I have styled it how I would put it on Bob.

Finally, what I would choose for a baby.


1. Olivier Baby Hope Liberty Dress with Knickers £39

2. Olivier baby Heart Cashmere Cardigan £54-£84

3. Mango Leather Sandals £19.99

How gorgeous, just so cute, and pretty. I love this style of dress and the cashmere cardigan with a heart, you’d just want to cuddle them all day! Stunning. The sandals come in two colours and I love them both. You have to look at this site, honestly you’ll love everything on there!

Shelley x

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