Boden bargains…


1.Boden Barcelona cardigan £24.03

2. Merino crew neck jumper £15.93

3. Cashmere Off Duty Jumper £71.64

I was sat this afternoon looking through the Boden clearance and was shocked to see the cardigan I bought in the winter for £24.03!! Now that is a good buy! I have the navy above but I’m also loving the grey version. I have worn mine lots and it is especially handy now, over shirts and blouses, when the weather can’t decide what it’s doing! I like it as it’s very slimming and makes you appear taller, a good combination. Quick buy it whilst you can!

photo 1

I have and love these slippers (Bobby calls them my tinker bell slippers) and how amazing is this coat? A real bargain! I love the blue in it as well.

b bargains

1. Short Leather boots from £14.40

2. Pointelle Marl Top from £4.40

3. Cord Padded Jacket from £16.38

I cannot speak highly enough about the above boots for girls, we’ve had the navy version and these and they are magnificent. Fabulous with dresses, jeans, skirts and shorts and they have fur inside, so keep them cosy when it’s really cold. You definitely need to buy these now and put them away for next year! These are a super bargain. You’ll be so grateful to me next winter I promise! We have had every version of the pointelle top and you can never have enough of them, they are so handy to put on with any combination of clothing. Grey for me is a must have.  Finally this baby coat, perfect for a girl or a boy, super cute, and super chic. A classic that will make any outfit look expensive. Love it!.

Shelley x

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