Trench coats…


Warehouse Double breasted Mac £75

I wore my trench the other day and posted a picture on instagram. This lead to quite a few questions about where it was from, so I thought I would do a round up of some of the fabulous ones on the high street at the minute. Mine is a couple of seasons old, but it is proof that they never go out of fashion and are definitely worth investing in.  I love this one from ASOS and this one, and also this one,  I love that they are different colours to the usual beige.  I LOVE this Topshop one and this gorgeous Oasis one. Trench coats are very versatile and look just as good with jeans and a sweater as they do with a dress.

Some rules…

-Tighten the belt at the back if you are wearing it open, but if wearing it fastened don’t actually use the buckle on the belt just fasten it in a knot (see my instagram pic).

– Roll the sleeves up to make it look cooler and more casual.

-Midi length trench coats look good on taller people whilst knee length ones are better if you are petite.

Shelley x

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