A check dress…

Autumn baby

1.Marks and Spencer’s Checked Dress £14

2. John Lewis Knitted Cardigan £14-£15

3. John Lewis Tights £6

4. Olivia Baby Bonnet £28

5. Gap Mary Jane’s £8.95

I love check dresses like the above one on girls, I’m devastated this only comes in the baby sizes or I would have snapped it up for Daisy! It will look beautiful now with bare legs and then come Autumn so cosy with the tights above. I know I have written about John Lewis tights before but as I’ve previously said I really do rate them. How cute are the Mary Jane’s and such a good price! These are also very very cute from Gap. The yellow cardigan would set the outfit off,  this Boden yellow one is also gorgeous, but if you’d rather something a little less bright I love this navy one from Marks and Spencer’s, this knitted jacket one from Boden (in Mouse), but I love it in all colours, just absolutely beautiful and this grey version of the John Lewis one. I have previously written about Olivier Baby here and I still think they sell the most adorable clothes for children, the bonnet above is a classic and will finish off this outfit perfectly and for real luxury how about their beautiful cashmere cardigan. 

Shelley x

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