Bargain basics…


1. Next Stripe Sweat top £24

2. Next Saddle Bag £20

3. Next Front Pocket Jeans £12

4. Next Peacoat £55

5. Topshop Ghillie Flats £29

For basics that look really good on, these are all bargains. I mean the jeans are £12! How good is that? These will look good with all your jumpers all winter as they are such a good colour. They come in different lengths so you can choose if you wear them with a flat or a heel, but whichever you choose I think a pointed shoe would look best.  I love this jumper from Gap to go with them perfectly. The coat I have featured on the blog before here, but I have had quite a lot of people inform me that they have bought it and love it, in both colours, so I thought it was worth another mention.

Shelley x

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