Festive baby boys…

Baby short

1. Mango Shirt  £14.99

2. Cyrillus Round Neck Sweater £23

3. Mango Corduroy Trousers £12.99

I have chosen my favourite baby girls Christmas outfits so it’s only fair that I do the same for the boys. Boys I feel are harder as I don’t like anything to fancy or over the top. I love a shirt, I love a cardigan and I love a festive jumper but I don’t like anything too dressy, it has to be cool.

baby boy

1. Mango shirt £14.99

2. Marks and Spencer’s Cardigan £12 

3. Next Knitlook Joggers £6 

4. Next Leather pram Shoes £12-£13


1. Gap Corduroy Overalls £19.95

2. Boden Festive Jumper from £20.40

3. Marks and Spencer’s Pram shoes £16

Not so festive but very chic I love this all-in-one, this jacket and this jumper, this sweater and this all-in-one.

Shelley x

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