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Tobar Mancala

 The Beetle Game – Retro Board Game

As a family we love to play games, they are so easy to take out and about with us and I always seem to have about three in my handbag. Especially card games. I love the benefits of playing games together. It makes us interact with each other, is cheap and fun and the kids have to learn rules such as waiting their turn, have to think about their next move, about what their opponent will do and also how to handle their emotions if they lose! I thought I would share some of our favourite games.

Mancala is such a good game for two people. There are 48 glass balls and you have to try and get as many as you can in your ‘mancala’ trough to win. This is very good as it gets the kids thinking strategically. Even Bobby at 5 could master it! It’s a game for all ages which Daisy’s grandma discovered last weekend when she got addicted.

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The Beetle game is good as each beetle part is represented by the number on the dice. To win you have to be the fastest to build your beetle. I bought it as Bobby was struggling with his numbers and I wanted him to get use to identifying them. This helped. A good little stocking filler.

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Dobble Card Game

UNO Cards

These are two of the games that are always in my handbag. I have written about Dobble before here, but as it is one of our favourites I thought it was definitely worth mentioning again as it would make a fabulous stocking filler.  Uno was one of my favourite childhood games. Me and my friend Amy became very good at it and very competitive. Daisy is now the best player in our house. We went out for tea the other evening and were playing this and ended up with two of Daisy’s school friends and their mum sat with us playing as well. The mum went straight out and bought it as she thought it was fab. So if you don’t have it you really need to go and buy it.

Shelley x

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