Ditsy dresses and pineapples…

Pineapple bag.jpg

1. Next Ditsy Dress £12-£13

2. Boden Mary Janes from £29.50

3. Boden Textured Cardigan from £24.50

4. Accessorize Pineapple Bag £12

Another dress that I love and that is too small for Daisy. I am genuinely gutted. I often consider having another baby just to be able to buy little clothes again! An alternative to the above shoes would be these fabulous ones (featured before on Shelley Loves) from Marks and Spencer’s and I have just bought Daisy these. We have a pair of ballet shoes every year but I usually spend a fortune on a proper pair so I am very pleased that Marks and Spencer’s have them this year. These are just great with all dresses and trousers. I am considering this pineapple bag for, how cool is it? I know a little girl who would be very happy to receive this!

Shelley x

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