Some more of Daisy and Bobby’s book choices…

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Kiki and Coco in Paris

Such a beautiful story of a little girl and her favourite doll visiting Paris. They  do everything together but sadly are parted whilst there. Will they find each other? It is illustrated with fantastic photos by Stephanie Rausser who is an editorial photographer.  Daisy has loved this book since being very young.

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I Want My Hat Back

Bob chose this but it is actually a favourite of the whole family. Definitely a book with adult humour within it! The bear has lost his hat and is asking all the animals if they’ve seen it. The kids love it when we do the animals responses in funny voices. Very silly but does have some dark humour (which my kids don’t seem to get so just find it funny). I would say how you read this makes it enjoyable even to the younger readers. They will learn their animals. The sequel This Is Not My Hat
is equally as brilliant.

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Big Questions From Little People . . . Answered By Some Very Big People

Daisy got this a couple of years ago and I can honestly say this is one of the best books I have bought her. For any kids that ask ‘why’ a lot this book has answers (from experts) to some of the most difficult questions. Questions include ‘why are grown ups in charge?’ ‘why do we have to go to the toilet?’ ‘Why do men grow beards and not women?’ and a good one ‘why do I always fall out with my brother and sister?’ Daisy takes this everywhere with her and has turned down the pages of the questions she likes most. One of them being ‘how do we fall in love?’ Honestly a fabulous book for your little ones but also a brilliant idea for a gift. Best suited for age  5+

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Small and Tall Tales of Extinct Animals

Bobby loves this book. He takes it places with him to show people and will sneakily look at the pictures in bed with his torch! At bedtime we will choose two animals to read about and he can now tell you facts about them before you read them. Both Daisy and him are intrigued by the Dodo and this has to be their favourite animal to read about. One page is facts and one page is a cartoon about the animal. I was worried it would be too grown up for Bobby but he just seems to take what he likes from it. Best suited to age 5+

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Marshall Armstrong Is New To Our School

Bobby and Daisy argued who would have their photo taken with this one as it’s a definite favourite with them both. Such a good story with such good illustrations. It’s about a new boy in class who is different from the others. Everything about him is judged and analysed. Marshall then invites them all to his party, which is a roaring success. The moral being that you should never judge a book by it’s cover. Very witty. This would be best suited to children 5+.

Shelley x

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