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Smalls 100% Merino Wool Long Sleeve Top £44.50

One of my favourite websites has to be Smalls which sells: ‘A range of merino garments for children that look as good as they feel’. Smalls was set up by two friends from New Zealand, who wanted to share the magical powers of Merino Wool but in super stylish designs. All totally unisex. smalls

1. Smalls Merino 100% Merino Wool Long Sleeve Top £44.50

2. Gap Skinny Jeans £17.95

3. Mi-Pac Classic Backpack £19.99

4. Boden Suede Lace Ups from £39.50

I first heard about Smalls on Little Spree and purchased one each for Daisy and Bobby. They were expensive compared to a usual long sleeve top, but I can honestly say they have been the best items for the kids I have ever bought. We have since had many more including the tee and the tanks and they have been worn constantly! Even to bed. They love them. Bobby asks to wear his. They really are worth investing in. Look closely at any pictures of Daisy and Bobby and you will see that they have theirs on under most outfits! The above boots I am still loving. I first mentioned them a while ago in this post and Bob has loved his. This whole outfit is a typical Bobby one. Comfy, stylish but practical. It would look equally as good with shorts and pumpsHere and here is Bob in his Smalls and here and here is Daisy in hers.

Why choose Merino wool? Here are some interesting facts taken from their site:

  • Easy Care

    Your Smalls don’t need special treatment like most of your woollies. Wear them lots, wash them whenever, – and never worry about them fading or shrinking like other fabrics. No washing machine dramas.

    Machine washable Smalls can be safely washed in a washing machine multiple times without shrinkage taking place.

    Smalls can be dried in a tumble dryer on a low heat setting.

    Smalls merino is naturally resistant to odors, and pilling. A little airing is enough to revive your Smalls.(Though you might want to wash them at some point!).


    Merino wool also dries fast, perfect for busy families and it’s anti-static so won’t cling to you.

    Smalls merino is also naturally elastic. Unlike us, it has excellent wrinkle recovery! It springs back to its original shape every time.

  • Fire & UV Resistant

    We know… it’s hard to believe but it’s actually true!

    Merino has a natural resistance to fire and is self-extinguishing so it won’t melt and stick to the skin like synthetic fibres will.

    It is also an excellent barrier for harmful UV rays, so you can wear it on the beach…. or the ski field!

    Breathable Like a Second Skin

    Warm in winter, cool in summer.

    Merino wool has built-in natural climate control. In the summer, it keeps you cool, dry and just.….happy.

So to celebrate their fabulousness the lovely ladies at Smalls have given Shelley Loves readers 20% off  all items for two weeks only  with code: shelleylovessmalls.

Shelley x

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