Easter gifts…

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1. Jellycat Bashful Bunny £11

2. Easter Bunny Egg hunt Bag £25

3. Gap Rabbit hat £6.95

4. Easter Egg Hunt Kit (Includes Direction Flags & Decorations)

5. Easter Bunny Treat Bag £3.95

6. The White Company Fluffy Bunny Slippers £22

7. Gap Straw Bunny Tote £8.97

8. Marks and Spencer’s Easter Bunny Sleep Suits £13-£14

I don’t know about yours but my kids love the initial excitement of the chocolate and they love the egg hunt but then the eggs seem to linger all over the house for the next couple of weeks (until I inevitably eat them). So this year I am thinking of alternative gifts. Easter gifts I have my eye on are these little bags from The White Company (for the egg hunt later in the day), this gorgeous gorgeous playsuit from John Lewis, these egg cups again from John Lewis. This fab dress up set from ‘NOTH’ or how about this one Easter Egg Hunt Bunny Dress Up Kit (2)
This Easter egg hunt set from Marks and Spencer’s or this year you could let them make their own egg hunt with this fab card set again from Marks and Spencer’s. For collecting the eggs I love these little personalised bags. How cute are these little egg cups or these, Bobby is loving boiled eggs at the minute hence all the suggestions for egg cups! Finally for decoration I love this garland and this garland. Hop to it (see what I did there!)

Shelley x

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