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Little Grey Rabbit Hare and the Easter Eggs

We couldn’t possibly have Easter without some of our favourite books, Again these are like Christmas books, they are hidden away for a year so when they come out Daisy and Bob are  very excited! 1st up is Little Grey Hare. This is from a series of books which we own quite a few of. The illustrations are just beautiful and the writing is just so innocent. It is about Grey Hare and his friends and what they get up to. In this particular book they discover chocolate Easter eggs! This series is great from a very young age.

I am A Bunny (Little Golden Books)

This little story about Nicholas the bunny is perfect for baby and toddlers. In fact it’s a must have. Both of mine have loved this from a very young age. It introduces children to the seasons whilst taking you on adventures with Nicholas. Beautiful pictures on each page which have always kept my two fascinated. (Including counting the animals).


The Golden Egg Book (Little Golden Book)

Such a fabulous book. It’s about a young bunny who is trying to figure out what is happening inside the object he has found (an egg). It goes through wonder, surprise and friendship whilst trying to discover what is going on. It is just such a gentle story for young readers. A true classic and again has beautiful traditional illustrations.

Pat the Bunny: Touch n Feel (Golden Touch and Feel Book)

This is a brilliant interactive book for babies and toddlers. Mine are now too big for this and I think I must have given my copy away as I couldn’t find it, but it was definitely one of their faves when they were very little. The book has two characters Paul and Judy and they are doing an action on each page which can then be copied by the reader, e.g smell the flowers, pat the bunny! A great book for touching and feeling.


The Easter Story

My two love this version of the Easter story as it is told through the donkey who carried Jesus into Jerusalem. It tells the difficult tale of Jesus being crucified in a gentle way with beautiful pictures. It is easy to read and I think good for all ages, we actually read it last night. (Daisy now likes to do the reading).

Shelley x

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