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Olivier Baby Posy Liberty Pants £16

Is there anything cuter than little Liberty swim pants on a baby girl? I love them. Olivier Baby has a whole range that are all stunning, with matching bonnets, you must check them out! If I could buy some in Daisy’s size I would still put her in them! Other swim knickers I am loving are these and these from La Redoute and these from Louis Louise. Swimming costume wise I love this one and this one from Boden, this one from Cyrillus, this one from M&S, this one and this one from Gap, and finally this one and this one from Elias and Grace. For the baby boys I love these from John Lewis (Bob has just outgrown his final pair and has had them every year since a new born as I love them that much), these from Boden, these from Marks and Spencer’s and finally these from Cyrillus.

Shelley x

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