The sun has got its hat on…


Mango Straw Hat £19.99

We’ve done the swimsuits and bikinis, now for the sun hats. I always wear a sun hat! Especially now I’m getting older and am very aware of sun damage! Gone are the days when I want as much sun on my face as possible. I love the hat above, so cool with the writing on. Others I am loving include this one, this one, this one and this one  from ASOS, this one from John Lewis, this one from Marks and Spencer’s, this one from Oasis, this one from Accessorize, this one from J crew ( in both colour ways). I have one very similar from last year in the ivory colour and love it. This one from Gap ( I love it in both colour ways but especially the navy) and finally for the perfect personalised hat how gorgeous are these from edit58?

Shelley x

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