THE birthday dress…



La Redoute Cotton Dress £23

Daisy’s ninth birthday is coming up and this year she wanted to help pick her party dress. So we went through lots of websites and she picked out ones she liked (lots seemed to be bridesmaids dresses!) We ordered them, had a trying on session (we only got to try a few as she found the one she liked  early on and then was bored) and then she pranced and danced around in the twirly number. Here are her choices ( with a little of my input). This one, this one, this one, this one, this one and this one from Cyrillus. These are all bridesmaids dresses which Daisy fell in love with and when they came they were all stunning! This one from Marks and Spencer’s, this one from Monsoon (which we already have), this one and this one from Mango, this one and finally this one (which she absolutely loved, but it didn’t win the spinning test!) from Next.


Shelley x

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