Check mate…

Boden shirt.jpg

1. Boden Shirt from £19.50

2. Boden Shorts from £22.50

3. Gap Sunglasses £6.95

4. Boden Canvas Pull on’s from £22.50

I realise I haven’t done a boys post for a while, I suppose this is because I really don’t buy Bobby as much as Daisy. He is mainly happy in either jeans and a top or shorts and a top. However in the sun and for special occasions I do love a shirt. The one above is so cool, I would roll the sleeves up and leave just the very top button open. I also love this shirt, this shirt (here’s Bob in his) and this shirt from Mango, which are reduced in the sale (the sale at Mango is fab) and I’m also loving this shirt, this shirt, this shirt and this shirt from Next. I love these chino shorts and these shorts from Boden, these and these from Mango. Shelley x

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