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1. Dorothy Perkins Jumpsuit £38

2. New Look Sandals £17.99

3. Summer Festival Earrings £6

4. Mango Envelop Bag now £19.99 (was £39.99)

The lovely Dorothy Perkins asked me to take a look at their summer collection and to choose some styles that I loved. This was pretty easy actually as there are so many beautiful items. I chose the above jumpsuit instantly as I just love the colour and know that with a tan on holiday it will look gorgeous. This would also be a perfect wedding outfit. Other items I chose included this dress, I was thinking very Pretty Woman, this jacket, this top (LOVE it) and this top and I can honestly say they are all fabulous quality and look gorgeous on. You really must take a look. These espadrilles are a bargain, as is this suit, which I think would be a gorgeous wedding outfit, (so cool). They also have a whopping 50% off in their summer sale, with an extra 10% off till midnight, there’s really no excuse not to shop!


Shelley x

This post was written in collaboration with Dorothy Perkins.

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