Embroidered dresses…

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ASOS Embroidered Midi Dress now £44 

I thought I would share this beauty of a dress which I have been wearing today to go for afternoon tea with the ladies for my little girls birthday (here it is in action). I bought this when it was full price however it is now in the sale so grab yourself a bargain as it really is fabulous quality. I love this one and I really love this one and this one ( which are now half price). This one is fab from Mango and I still love this one that I posted about ages ago in this white dress post. Finally how gorgeous is this one for you tall ladies.

Shelley x

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0 thoughts on “Embroidered dresses…

  1. Hi Shelley. I love your blogs, but could you add the photos to your pages? I get in a terrible muddle, not knowing which ‘this’ I have looked at and then having to reload the page after each one. I hate to say that I get bored and give up. I hope you don’t mind me saying. I really do love your tips and the pics of your gorgeous children. Make the mist of them little. My two are 12 & 14 and are into sports wear🙈🙈🙈

    1. No I don’t mind at at all, thank you for the tip, I will get on it, it just takes even longer saving the images etc. But I do totally understand what you’re saying x

      1. Awwww! Sorry Shelley, I didn’t realise it was more difficult, being the most un techy person ever! Thank you for your reply. Xxx

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