I do so love a romper…


Next Broderie Set £15-£16


1. Next White Floral romper £13-£14

2. Gap Stripe Denim One Piece £10.47

3. Little Bird Print Romper £10

4. Marks and Spencer’s Cotton Striped Romper £18

When Daisy was a tiny baby one of my good friends bought her the cutest Apricot colour romper and it was one of the items that I truly loved. I think there is just nothing cuter on a baby and the fact they they can only wear them for such a short time makes me want to dress them in them even more. The Little Bird romper above has this dress of the same style, if you have two girls how cute would they be together. Mothercare had some beautiful rompers, I loved this one (for boy or girl) and this one (the back detailing is just gorgeous).  I love this one from The White Company and this one from Marks and Spencer’s. Finally this one is very pretty from John Lewis.

Shelley x

P.s; how cute are these little bargain sandals to go with all of the above?

P.P.S; and how gorgeous are these for a little ruffle bum?

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