A trophy jacket…

Trophy Jacket.jpg

1. Monsoon Jacket £79

2. Warehouse tee £26

3. Mango Jeans now £14.99

4. Topshop Espadrilles £26

Everyone needs a beautiful trophy jacket in their wardrobe and there are some truly magnificent ones around at the minute. These make any outfit look expensive and are perfect for this confusing weather we seem to  be having at the minute. The one above is a very good copy of an Isabel Marant one from a couple of years ago and this one (now in the sale), also from Monsoon, is again an absolutely fabulous copy of this Isabel Marant one from this season. This one is fab from Miss Selfridge, I love this one (in either colour way) and this one which are both now in the sale from Mango and finally this one,again from Monsoon (they are so good this season). Here and here is my trophy jacket in action.

Shelley x

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