An alternative to the LBD…



  1. Pyjama Jacket

2. Pyjama Trousers

3. Burgundy Scarf

4. Velvet Contrast Heel Boots

I was lucky enough to attend the Monsoon Press Day on Wednesday in London and I loved every minute of it. Seriously, it was fabulous. By far my favourite outfit of the day was this pyjama suit! Whinnie Williams was DJing wearing this get up and I instantly fell in love. It was SO cool. I had seen all the pyjama trends but thought they were not for me, but she looked so good she definately changed my opinion, here she is in action. If you wanted to make it more dressy you could change the boots for some beautiful heels. I also saw this beautiful jumpsuit being modelled and this pyjama outfit is stunning.

Shelley x

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