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Tree: Seasons Come, Seasons Go

Daisy and Bobby wanted to share some more of their favourite books with you but weren’t as willing to have their photos taken with them, so here are some they thought would make good Christmas pressies. Tree: Seasons Come, Seasons Go is just the most beautiful book showing the same tree throughout the seasons through the eyes of an owl. It has ‘windows’ on each page that you can look through and Daisy and Bob love to find all the animals that live in the tree. The illustrations are magical whilst teaching your children about seasons, wildlife and nature through beautiful rhyme.


The Lion Inside

Another firm favourite with both my two, this story is told through rhyme and is about a little mouse that struggles to be heard. He is ignored and often forgotten about and has to watch as the lion is respected and listened to by all. He decides he is going to be brave and ask the lion to teach him to be more like him and an unlikely friendship is formed. Such a good lesson in that we should always be brave as we all have a mouse and lion in us. Again gorgeous illustrations.

Shelley x

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