Mini festive knits…


Jacquard Wool Jumper


Jacquard Wool Jumper

I was thinking that these were my two favourite Christmas jumpers. I love that they are in navy and grey (my fave colours on Bob), but then I looked around further and there are so many beautiful ones about! I’m a little fussy when it comes to a festive knit. I do love the kids to have one, but I don’t want anything over the top or silly.


  1. Crazy Stripe Crew Sweater (boys)
  2. Reindeer Fair Isle Jumper
  3.  Snowman Jumper
  4. Bear Face Hoodie
  5.  Crazy Sripe Crew Sweater (toddler)
  6. Bear Face Hoodie
  7. Fair Isle Sweater
  8. Reindeer Jumper

These are all from the boys sections, but I have to say that most of these I would happily dress Daisy in.

Shelley x

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