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I am so excited about today’s post. I would like you to meet Jenny from The Little House Shop. An online home and lifestyle store based very near to where I live in Cheshire. This is a shop I have bought many a home item from. Jenny picks some of the coolest pieces around. I asked for some of her time to answer some questions for me.

1. When and how did you 1st come up with the idea of The Little House Shop?

I have always had a passion for homewares and interiors since I was younger but never quite knew what path to go in. My university degree was in printed textiles so interiors was always going to be surrounding me whatever I choose to do. I thought owning my own shop was a pipe dream but when I met Guy and after numerous jobs in retail and visual merchandising we decided to take the plunge and instead of doing what most people would do and buy a house we decided to invest in a business and thats how HOUSE INTERIORS AND GIFTS/ THE LITTLE HOUSE SHOP first started. It was a bricks and mortar store (the real thing) We traded in Knutsford, in Cheshire for 5 years. It was quite a testing time as we opened in the recession so customers were very savvy with their spending. Knowing this we opted for a low-mid pricing range, still offering quality product but without the large price tag. We were very trend led and looking back now at past photos it really is a million miles away from what we offer now. Unfortunately our store had a large fire which completely gutted the shop. We shut for quite a while but did manage to re-open offering the customer a more personalised store and selling products that I felt was a reflection of us. From then we opened for about a year and after some lengthy talks we decided to close and become a online store. Which offered me better opportunities for both developing the brand and my working life.

2.What were you doing before The Little House Shop?

I was actually working for another homewares store. Before that I was working in retail as a sales advisor. I was always going to work with people, I’m definately a people person.

3. How do you juggle family life with working at The Little House Shop? Any tips for my readers.

For many years its been just the two of us, well unless you can count the cat and the dog? However this year things are about to get real as we are expecting our first child in June! So maybe come back to me this time next year and we can see how we are getting on!

4. What’s the best bit of running your own business?

Being my own boss and making decisions. Also being able to work from home is a massive bonus although it can be testing. It’s not for everyone.I also love chatting and making lots of friend on social media. Instagram has been a great way into peoples home lives and although it can be very daunting working for yourself, I simply have to go on instagram to remind myself of why I do this. Seeing customers tag you in their homes with their latest purchases makes me smile everytime.

5. And the worst?

Mmm maybe its actually working from home! Ha ha. Endless cardboard boxes in every room. We may have to move into the neighbours house at this rate. Also on days when its really grim outside you really have to dust yourself off as the British weather really can alter your productivity.

6. What advice do you have for people wanting to launch their own business?

Start small, really think about what it is you want to sell. Don’t try and please everyone, you cant sell everything.

7. What are your 5 favourite things on your site?

So details, Where can they find you?
You can shop online with us at

The lovely Jenny has offered all Shelley Loves readers 20% off with the code HOUSE20

Shelley x

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