Denim for days (and night)…


Image taken from Pinterest

Is there ever a time when denim isn’t cool? It has to be the most worn part of my wardrobe and no longer is it just my jeans that are my go to, but I think my dungarees have actually been worn the most this year! There are lots of denim options around at the minute. Below are some of my favourites.

Shelley x

P.S; The Aigle wellies Bobby had on yesterday have 20% off at the moment! Link here.

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Marks and Spark’s new baby love…

I truly love it when all the new items start hitting the shops, I’m not great with sales, they bore me very quickly as it so hard to find the things you love in the size you need. Above are all my new favourite baby and toddler items from the fantastic Marks and Spencer’s.

Shelley x

Insect Lore Butterfly Garden…




Insect Lore Butterfly Garden

We bought Daisy this for her birthday in June, be aware that you order the caterpillars seperate to this butterfly garden (but get a voucher in the box to order the caterpillars at a reduced price of £2.99). It is truly amazing to watch. The whole process has taken about 5 weeks, but you really can notice a difference each day and it is really fun to watch. The caterpillars got bigger and bigger (about 10 times their original size) and then we watched as they changed into Chrysalides. Daisy and Bob have thoroughly enjoyed it and have learnt so much about caterpillars and butterflies as there is an instruction book that comes with it that has lots of fun facts. We will definitely be ordering some more.

Shelley x

P.S; The caterpillars can only be ordered between March and September.

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Summer shopping…


There are so many gorgeous ‘new in’ items hitting the shops and I am very excited by them. Lots of colour and pattern which is just fabulous. I seem to be very busy at the minute, what with school plays, sports days, work, the list could go on.  I am so looking forward to the school holidays, lie ins, slow mornings and having new adventures with Daisy and Bobby. Because of this chaos I have not really ordered anything from the sales, but below are some items I have my eye on.

Shelley x

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New in at Next…


Striped Cropped Playsuit


Charcoal Military Cardigan

Stripe Ponte Dress

I know, I know, there are sales everywhere and bargains to be had, but I am SO over them already! I have started to look at all the new in items in my favourite stores and there is so much loveliness that I just had to share. So without further ado, I was loving this blouse, this cardigan, this dress (Daisy is desperate for anything bardot), this swimsuit, this blouse, this playsuit, this dress and finally this dress. I could have gone on, but I know there are only so many times you want to click on the link.

Shelley x

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Marble run…



Hape Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run Builder-Roundabout-High Quality Wooden Safe Play-Smart play for Smart Family-Quality Time Playing Together

I posted a video of Bobby playing with the above marble run on my instagram stories recently and got lots of messages about how good it looked and where it was from, so I thought I would share this beauty with you all. Definitely another firm favourite of Bobby and Daisy’s.

Shelley x

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New Look Friday…


I do so love New Look, so much loveliness at such good prices. The yellow dress Caroline Flack is wearing in the above picture is within this weeks favourites.

Shelley x

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The Marks and Spencer’s sale…


Long Sleeve Shirt Dress

Finally the Marks and Spencer’s sale has started and I have to say it is a really rather good one! Anyhow, I have had a quick gander and chosen some pieces I love or have alread! I haven’t shared loads as there was so much gorgeousness, but quick go check it out for yourself befor everything goes!

Shelley x

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