A cute one-piece…



Gap Stripe Garter one-piece.

How cute? I love a baby gro. I think they look so adorable and are just so easy to put on and off, especially in those early days. I remember joining an NCT group when Daisy was 12 weeks old and all the other children were fully dressed in outfits and Daisy had on the simplest white romper with a Peter Pan collar. All the other mummies later admitted they’d only put clothes on their babies as they thought everyone else would. The next couple of times we met all of our little ones were in one pieces. Who needs to make those first few months any more complicated! I have linked to all my favourites below.

Shelley x

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Marks and Spark’s new baby love…

I truly love it when all the new items start hitting the shops, I’m not great with sales, they bore me very quickly as it so hard to find the things you love in the size you need. Above are all my new favourite baby and toddler items from the fantastic Marks and Spencer’s.

Shelley x

Boden bargains for the children…

I couldn’t really do a Boden sales round up without including my kids picks, so here they are…

Shelley x

Mango VIP sale…

Run run as fast as you can… Mango have 30% off with the code VIP17. Too good to miss

Shelley x

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Boden bonanza…

There’s a whopping 30% off dresses and accessories today at Boden so I have taken the time to pick out my favourites for the babies, big girls and us ladies..

Shelley x

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Little one loveliness…

My final installment of the Marks and Spencer’s round up is dedicated to the littlest people. So much gorgeousness.

Shelley x

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Boys special occasion attire…


Cotton Suit Blazer

Textured Cotton Shirt

Straight Suit Trousers

Cotton Suit Waistcoat

It’s that time of year when the weddings, christenings and special occasions start to pop up on the calender and I often get asked if I have seen any smarter items for the boys. How gorgeous is this suit. Bobby would look super dapper in it and all pieces could be worn as seperates afterwards. The jacket would look just as beautiful with jeans. Below are some more of my favourites.

Shelley x

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Beachwear for our boys

Beach wear for our little ladies…


Gingham Swimsuit


Gingham Bikini

996-053s 956-480s

Stripe Frill Swimsuit

Swimwear, I love a swimsuit, Daisy loves a bikini! So we have to negotiate and usually Daisy wins. I do love just bikini bottoms but I think she is getting a little big for this now. There are some beauties around this year though so maybe I’ll win her over. This one I saw in store last week and it was very cute, and this bikini I think is cool for the bigger girls. below are some more of my favourites.

Shelley x