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Tree: Seasons Come, Seasons Go

Daisy and Bobby wanted to share some more of their favourite books with you but weren’t as willing to have their photos taken with them, so here are some they thought would make good Christmas pressies. Tree: Seasons Come, Seasons Go is just the most beautiful book showing the same tree throughout the seasons through the eyes of an owl. It has ‘windows’ on each page that you can look through and Daisy and Bob love to find all the animals that live in the tree. The illustrations are magical whilst teaching your children about seasons, wildlife and nature through beautiful rhyme.


The Lion Inside

Another firm favourite with both my two, this story is told through rhyme and is about a little mouse that struggles to be heard. He is ignored and often forgotten about and has to watch as the lion is respected and listened to by all. He decides he is going to be brave and ask the lion to teach him to be more like him and an unlikely friendship is formed. Such a good lesson in that we should always be brave as we all have a mouse and lion in us. Again gorgeous illustrations.

Shelley x

Some more of Daisy and Bobby’s book choices

Christmas books

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Mrs Armitage And The Big Wave

Mrs Armitage arrives on the beach with her surfboard and her faithful dog Breakspear, and paddles out to sea to wait for the Big Wave. But, of course, Mrs Armitage can’t be satisfied with just an ordinary surfboard and she is soon adding a hilarious variety of gadgets and contraptions. And when the Big Wave finally arrives, Mrs Armitage certainly surfs with style!

We love all the Mrs Armitage books but this is our favourite. Very funny for young and old with excellent illustrations which make me want to go to the beach! Lots of repetition which the kids love.

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Amos & Boris Reissue Edition by Steig, William [2009]

This is such a lovely and precious book. It tells so tenderly a story of friendship between Amos the Mouse and Boris the whale, devoted friends who have nothing in common apart from their kind hearts and their willingness to help others. They meet when Amos has set off to sea in his homemade boat but finds himself in need of rescue. This is when Boris appears. The text is simple and the images beautiful. Definitely a book to be read and enjoyed often. It covers all the great themes of life: friendship, courage, love and the question of an afterlife. Most people are familiar with William Steig for having written Shrek!, but this and Dominic are beautiful. Daisy especially loves this one and likes to talk about friendship and what it means. Our copy is very bedraggled now.

Shelley x

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Some more of Bobby and Daisy’s book choices

Book corner…

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Bobby and Daisy have been mithering about sharing some more of their favourite books with you and so last night I let them choose one book each. Daisy complained she wanted to choose more so I will try and keep adding books on the run up to Christmas, as for me books are always a good gift idea. I have to admit they have chosen well.

The one Bobby has chosen above is one that we all love to read together at bedtime. Use Your Imagination is a play on the original ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ story and is very funny and clever. It is a very interactive book which brings in the concept of imagination and storytelling. Rabbit is bored and wolf suggests writing a story, the story he starts to write involves the ‘big bad wolf’ but has a very clever twist at the end. It is brilliant for any little people who have nightmares or wild imaginations as it’s a book that tells kids that it is THEIR imagination and they are in control of it.Very good for both older and younger readers. We also love Nicola O’Byrne’s book Open Very Carefully.

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“In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines, lived 12 little girls in two straight lines”.

This is a beautifully written and illustrated story of Madeline. Madeline is a little orphan who is always getting up to no good. In this book she has her appendix out and her friends are all sad. The pictures of Paris are exquistive. We have read this since a very early age and Daisy now knows it off by heart and loves to recite it to you, especially the last page…

and she turned out the light, and closed the door, and that’s all there is, there isn’t any more.”

Once you have read this one you will be hooked and want to read about her other adventures. We also love Madeline’s Christmas and Madeline In London.

Shelley x

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My little chef…


The Silver Spoon for Children: Favourite Italian Recipes

Daisy has recently got very into cooking and baking but was a little bored with the usual ‘cook with kids books’ so we ordered this as we have and really love The Silver Spoon (Cookery). This is a fantastic scaled down version of the classic book. It has a brilliant selection of basic Italian recipes (think minestrone soup, lasagne and pizza) that both children and adults will enjoy making. The illustrations help to guide you through the steps and each page gives you a brief history of the dish, which Daisy enjoyed reading. We especially loved the yummy orange cake she made recently, seriously good.

Daisy also has 30 Yummy Things to Bake (Usborne Activity Cards).

download (6).jpg

These are a great set of cards with easy to follow recipes for kids. They are very sturdy and wipe clean and the photos are wonderful at helping with how they should look. Big hits were the chocolate fudge brownies and the Victoria sponge cake.

Shelley x

P.S. How gorgeous is this quilt from Laura Ashley. Gotta love pom poms!

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Baby and toddler book choices…


Press Here

This book is so good, Daisy and Bobby loved this when they were little (and still love it now when we dig it out). It is a fabulously interactive book which invites children to use their imaginations.


The book begins with a simple yellow dot and the instruction to press here and turn the page. More dots appear, and the reader is urged to tap this one or rub this one, gently. The dots multiply, change and generally react, so it seems, to the child’s response. It helps to teach them colours, counting and how to follow instructions, whilst developing their motor skills. No flashing lights, no flaps or pull outs just simple illustrations.


I highly recommend this and like I say it is not just for small children. Another fabulous book is Alphabet.


ABC: A Child’s First Alphabet Book

Beautiful illustrations and very clever. In this book the text is very simple, A is for apple, B is for balloon. However what is special about the book is that each page is in honour of that letter, so on the D page you will find a dog, doughnut, door and also an envelope, which gives you a little hint as to what will be on the next page. I was prompted to write this post tonight as Daisy and Bob had been reading this together in bed last night and they were having a competition to see who could find the most items. Alison Jay’s books are all worth buying, seriously, check out I Took the Moon for a Walk and Alison Jay Counting – Board Book: A Child’s First 123


Happy Lion

Finally this has to be one of Bobby’s firm favourites. A story about a lion in a Zoo, who people love to come and say ‘bonjour’ to. One day his cage is left open and he decides to go and see all his friends, but when he tries to say hello they all run away in terror. A lovely story of friendship and one I think Daisy, Bobby and I nearly know off by heart.

Shelley x

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Gift ideas…

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Merci Maman Liberty Bracelet £29

It’s just been my beautiful little ladies 9th birthday and she received some fabulous presents so I thought I would share some of her favourite gifts with you, just in case you need any present ideas. Merci Maman do some magnificent bracelets and some of them are now reduced, perfect gifts for christenings, bridesmaids or flower girls. Here is the full collection, take a look.


Sleepover Party Mad Libs (Mad Libs (Unnumbered Paperback))

So cheap, but seriously Daisy has had hours of fun, she loves these. I bought her a few including Happily Ever Mad Libs and Spy Mad Libs and she has played with them every day. There are a huge variety of themes. It is something we can do together whilst teaching her grammar. Basically you have to add words into the spaces to make a silly stories. Hours of fun.


Mahina Mermaid Lil Merfin Coral

Next up is this fantastic fin. Daisy wanted this so badly! After lots of research this was the safest and got the best reviews. This is for our holidays in the summer, but will be sampled at the swimming baths as soon as possible. Check out the video of it in use here.


Topjoy 1080P Full HD 2.0 inch Screen Waterproof Sports Action Camera Cam DV 5MP DVR Helmet Camera Sports DV Camcorder

Last up is this camera (it comes in lots of colours, so just as good for boys), it’s fabulous, it can be for normal photos or for underwater use and you can also take videos on it. It’s tiny but is ace. Daisy has been taking some very funny videos of her and Bobby and it will be brilliant when she’s a mermaid on holiday!

There are more which I will share at a later date…

Shelley x

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Easter books…


Little Grey Rabbit Hare and the Easter Eggs

We couldn’t possibly have Easter without some of our favourite books, Again these are like Christmas books, they are hidden away for a year so when they come out Daisy and Bob are  very excited! 1st up is Little Grey Hare. This is from a series of books which we own quite a few of. The illustrations are just beautiful and the writing is just so innocent. It is about Grey Hare and his friends and what they get up to. In this particular book they discover chocolate Easter eggs! This series is great from a very young age.

I am A Bunny (Little Golden Books)

This little story about Nicholas the bunny is perfect for baby and toddlers. In fact it’s a must have. Both of mine have loved this from a very young age. It introduces children to the seasons whilst taking you on adventures with Nicholas. Beautiful pictures on each page which have always kept my two fascinated. (Including counting the animals).


The Golden Egg Book (Little Golden Book)

Such a fabulous book. It’s about a young bunny who is trying to figure out what is happening inside the object he has found (an egg). It goes through wonder, surprise and friendship whilst trying to discover what is going on. It is just such a gentle story for young readers. A true classic and again has beautiful traditional illustrations.

Pat the Bunny: Touch n Feel (Golden Touch and Feel Book)

This is a brilliant interactive book for babies and toddlers. Mine are now too big for this and I think I must have given my copy away as I couldn’t find it, but it was definitely one of their faves when they were very little. The book has two characters Paul and Judy and they are doing an action on each page which can then be copied by the reader, e.g smell the flowers, pat the bunny! A great book for touching and feeling.


The Easter Story

My two love this version of the Easter story as it is told through the donkey who carried Jesus into Jerusalem. It tells the difficult tale of Jesus being crucified in a gentle way with beautiful pictures. It is easy to read and I think good for all ages, we actually read it last night. (Daisy now likes to do the reading).

Shelley x

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Little worriers…

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My gorgeous little lady has turned into a bit of a worry wart and has started to worry about all sorts, including things like going to school and who she will play with today?  Are grandma and granddad OK as they’re getting older! What people think of her and what they will say to her. I too have worried about what Daisy may get ‘picked on’ for and her red hair was always at the back of my mind. We have always told her how magnificent it is, how lucky she is too have it and how it makes her special, but I suppose when you are 8 having something that is different from the rest of the class is not so good. Daisy loves books and reading and whenever she has been upset by something I have found a book we can read together which has a message within in. For example, when she was worrying that she was still a baby compared to the rest of her class, (she’s one of the youngest, they laugh, she said, because she stills calls us mummy and daddy and she still likes Peppa Pig, to name but a few) this book, IRA Sleeps over was fabulous. It touches on childhood issues and shows how even the tough guy still has a teddy when at home. Daisy and Bobby love it and it is such a good book to read together.

FullSizeRender (15).jpgIRA Sleeps over

So, I did some investigating on children’s books for worriers and liking themselves and ordered quite a few. The 1st to arrive was this book The Huge Bag of Worries. It’s a hit and Daisy has been reading it in bed every night since she got it. The story tells of a young girl carrying an ever growing bag of all the things she is worrying about but not talking to people about. The ends shows her sharing these worries and how much better she feels for this.

FullSizeRender (17).jpg

The Huge Bag of Worries

The next book I bought, which is absolutely fabulous is this one, What to Do When You Worry Too Much: A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety (What to Do Guides for Kids)
Aimed at ages 6-12 it talks about worries and breaks them down into terms that a child can understand. It also explains how to handle them. This is definitely a guide for both the parent and the child and talks about having ‘worry time’ and only thinking about worries at that time. Daisy loved it! I thought maybe she’d read too much for one sitting but she wanted to continue working through it.

I also mentioned to my wise friend the issue and how it is upsetting Daisy when people laugh at her. She said her little girl had felt exactly the same about how she looks and who she is and gave me this fabulous book to look at, I Like Myself! It really is great. It’s a poem, so very easy to follow and explains all the reasons we should like ourself. I will definitely be buying it.

FullSizeRender (16).jpg

I Like Myself!

Finally, this one arrived What I Like about Me!: A Book Celebrating Differences. Again a very good book. It talks about why it is wonderful to be unique and that being different is OK. At the end it asks them to look in a mirror and say what they like about themselves.

This is an upsetting little subject for Daisy and I would love to hear about your experiences. Do your children have worries? How have you handled these?

P.S; This book  My Secret Bully is fabulous for anyone having a bit of a hard time with bullies at school. It gives fabulous ideas to say to them without stooping to retaliation.

Thank you

Shelley x


Some more of Daisy and Bobby’s book choices…

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Kiki and Coco in Paris

Such a beautiful story of a little girl and her favourite doll visiting Paris. They  do everything together but sadly are parted whilst there. Will they find each other? It is illustrated with fantastic photos by Stephanie Rausser who is an editorial photographer.  Daisy has loved this book since being very young.

FullSizeRender (5)
I Want My Hat Back

Bob chose this but it is actually a favourite of the whole family. Definitely a book with adult humour within it! The bear has lost his hat and is asking all the animals if they’ve seen it. The kids love it when we do the animals responses in funny voices. Very silly but does have some dark humour (which my kids don’t seem to get so just find it funny). I would say how you read this makes it enjoyable even to the younger readers. They will learn their animals. The sequel This Is Not My Hat
is equally as brilliant.

FullSizeRender (7)
Big Questions From Little People . . . Answered By Some Very Big People

Daisy got this a couple of years ago and I can honestly say this is one of the best books I have bought her. For any kids that ask ‘why’ a lot this book has answers (from experts) to some of the most difficult questions. Questions include ‘why are grown ups in charge?’ ‘why do we have to go to the toilet?’ ‘Why do men grow beards and not women?’ and a good one ‘why do I always fall out with my brother and sister?’ Daisy takes this everywhere with her and has turned down the pages of the questions she likes most. One of them being ‘how do we fall in love?’ Honestly a fabulous book for your little ones but also a brilliant idea for a gift. Best suited for age  5+

FullSizeRender (6) - Copy
Small and Tall Tales of Extinct Animals

Bobby loves this book. He takes it places with him to show people and will sneakily look at the pictures in bed with his torch! At bedtime we will choose two animals to read about and he can now tell you facts about them before you read them. Both Daisy and him are intrigued by the Dodo and this has to be their favourite animal to read about. One page is facts and one page is a cartoon about the animal. I was worried it would be too grown up for Bobby but he just seems to take what he likes from it. Best suited to age 5+

FullSizeRender (8)
Marshall Armstrong Is New To Our School

Bobby and Daisy argued who would have their photo taken with this one as it’s a definite favourite with them both. Such a good story with such good illustrations. It’s about a new boy in class who is different from the others. Everything about him is judged and analysed. Marshall then invites them all to his party, which is a roaring success. The moral being that you should never judge a book by it’s cover. Very witty. This would be best suited to children 5+.

Shelley x

P.S; I have had lots of requests for details of my tops within this picture on Instagram today. The white blouse is similar to this one ( mine is last seasons unfortunately) and the jumper is this one from Gap.

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1. Bella Freud Candle £40

2. Not On The High Street Love Print £35

3. Bloom and Wild Letterbox Flowers 

4.  Acqua Di Parma Colonia Club from £60

5. Mac Lady Danger Lipstick £15.50

6. John Lewis Love Mug £10

Yes it’s that time of year again. The day of love is fast approaching. The Acqua Di Parma above I am considering for Mark as a change from this version he always wears (the smell of summer in a bottle). He smelt it in Bon Marche when we were in Paris recently and has given me lots of hints that he would like it! This women’s version is also amazing. Such clean and classy smells. I’ve added the lipstick for the Valentines date night. I believe every woman should own Lady Danger by Mac. It suits all skin colours and just makes the whole face look alive. If you haven’t heard of Bloom and Wild where have you been? I mentioned it on the Mothers day post last year and think it is such a good concept with the prettiest of arrangements. Choose the bouquet you wish to send and it will be posted through their letterbox. Obviously for Valentines you need to be making sure your love one knows about it and leaving a picture of the bunch you want open on their laptop! They have special flower arrangements for February 14th. Candles are always a good present for me. I now have them all around the house. I’m also loving the smell of this White Company one. As well as the above LOVE print I think this print is fab. Other items I will be hinting for include this magnificent bracelet from Monica Vinader, this necklace and this one from ASOS, this book, Love x Style x Life and this truly beautiful book This Is For You. For the men other ideas include this wallet, this bracelet (with a message of your choice) and this tie clip from J Crew.

Shelley x

P.S; For the little ones how about these gorgeous books Guess How Much I Love You,
Little Master Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet: A BabyLit Counting Primer (BabyLit Books)The I Love You BookPlant a Kiss Board Book, and I Carry Your Heart With Me

All fabulous.