Back to school coats for boys…


Next Black Padded Jacket


Next Parka Jacket

I shared with you my favourite girls schools coats, so it’s only fair that I share my boys picks. I usually find it harder for the boys but this year I think I actually like the boys style more than the girls. Far more choice.

Shelley x

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The Jigsaw girls sale…

Whilst looking for school coats for the previous post I came across the Jigsaw sale! Everything is beautiful. I have chosen the more wintry pieces as these are totally worth investing in now whilst they are half price. Many of the jumpers are made with cashmere and alpaca wool so are real bargains. I have ordered a few to put away myself for Daisy and Bobby.

Shelley x

P.S; Oh and there’s and extra 10% off with code SALE10.

School coats…

It is so hard to find a decent school coat! I like them to be navy or black and as simple as possible, whilst being warm, rain proof and practical. Not so easy to find. Above is my selection for the girls.

Shelley x

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A boys jacket…


Denim Jacket £9.

It was dress down day at school for Daisy and Bobby on Tuesday and Bobby chose his outfit himself. When he came downstairs he had a jacket on very similar to this one that I had totally forgotten about! It was age 4-5 but with the sleeves rolled up still looked totally cool and he said he was too warm in his big coat and didn’t want a rain coat on. This got me thinking about cool coats for now. This one is fab, as is this one, this is now a fab price in the sale as is this one. Below are some others that I think look fabulous.

Shelley x

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For the love of blue

A bargain trench…


New Look Trench £39.99

How good is this trench coat, a total total bargain and in real life it looks so good and much more expensive. New Look have some really great items in at the minute at really good prices, here are some other bits I was loving…

Shelley x

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It was all yellow

Return of the mac…



For me a trench is never really ‘in’ fashion, it is just something that every woman should have in their wardrobe as it is the perfect coat for all weathers. However this year it is big news and was seen all over the catwalks, so there are some beauties about. It fits perfectly with nearly all outfits. Dresses, skirts and jeans and is so easy to dress up or down. I think it looks best with the sleeves rolled up to show a bit of what’s underneath and as much as I love it casual, I also love it cinched in at the waist with a belt for work. If you use the belt it comes with always fasten it in a knot not with the buckle (it just seems to make it look cooler). It is a must buy for this time of year when winter coats are just that bit too warm and we want to inject some Spring into our wardrobe.

Shelley x

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The blues

Next Spring…


Yellow Textured Crew Neck Jumper

Stripe Crew Neck Jumper

Navy Cable Crew Jumper

Colour is not only filtering in for us mummies but also for the little ones and Next have definitely nailed this in their Spring collection. How beautiful is the knitwear above? I love yellow on boys.


Yellow Mac

I love both colourways of the mac but a yellow fisherman’s coat is just so cool. I love this 4 pack of t-shirts and if it was up to Bob he would be wearing these now as he doesn’t seem to feel the cold! This two pack of sweaters look fab as does this Khaki overcoat. It would look ace over a sweater left open, or fastened up as a shirt. This denim Borg jacket is super cool and these jersey dungarees are not dissimilar to some I bought Bobby last year from Gray Label, that were three times the price!

Anyway, I could go on but go check out their new collection, it’s a good one.

Shelley x

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Shirt loving…

PicMonkey Ipattern shirtmage

  1. Mango Stripe Shirt £35.99.

2. Marks and Spencer’s Mac £69.

3. Topshop Jeans £40.

4. And Other Stories cardigan £79.

5. Adidas Stan Smiths £70.

It feels like January is going on forever and that it is dark most of the day. I have been wearing the same jumpers on repeat and need something fresh to get me out of these rainy days blues. This is where a beautiful new shirt comes in and there are now some gorgeous ones around. Add a cardigan, some jeans with a turn up and your ever classic Stans and you are good to go. The mac is so much more gorgeous in real life (you can roll down the sleeves), I saw it the other day in store and it looks really expensive.

Shelley x

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Getting shirty

Lightening strikes…


  1. Detachable Gilet Jacket £39.95.

2. Cotton Sweatshirt £15.99.

3. Contrast Panel Sneakers £25.99.

4. Skinny Jeans £19.99.

Mango is on fire, I love it for everyone at the minute and they just seem to keep getting it right! How cool is this jumper for the boys? It comes in 3 colours ways but this is by far my favourite (although I do love the khaki). Below are what I think it would look fabulous with.

Shelley x