My Christmas wish list…

my wish list1. Boden Velvet slippers £21.75

2. Hush Fig and Blackberry Diffuser £30

3. Marks and Spencer’s Leaf Print Throw £69

4. Marks and Spencer’s Pyjamas £24.50

5. Olympus Camera from £449.95

6. John Lewis Coffee Mug £6

7. The White Company Pomegranate Candle £20

This is my wish list for Christmas. I’ve noticed as I get older I ask for less and less but love buying for others and watching their faces as they open their gifts. At the minute I seem to be going through a grey stage so the throw and mugs would go perfectly in my house. I love a candle, I have The White Company Christmas one so would love this one for the new year. The Hush diffusers are fabulous and this one is the perfect scent for this time of year, it has a spicy smell to it which makes the house feel like Christmas. The pyjamas I am getting from my mother-in-law but also have my  eye on these ones, I do love stars. I have a  fabulous Nikon D3100, but it is so big to take everywhere with me so would love this as it would fit into my handbag a lot easier. Finally I love a cashmere jumper and this one is now reduced. This is a total bargain for cashmere.  Hint hint Mark!

Shelley x

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Advent calendar ideas…

FullSizeRender (2)

Last year I bought some little envelopes and made up this advent calendar for Daisy and Bobby. In each little envelope I had written an activity that we all had to do together that day. They loved it and were more excited about this every morning than they were opening their chocolate ones from grandma. So this year I have just ordered some new envelopes, these ones and these ones to see which I like best ( I’ll end up keeping both!) and will do this activity again. Other similar advent calendars I’m loving are these, these and these. 

normal_envelope-and-peg-advent-calendar (1)

Here are some of the activities I included within my envelopes:-

-Let’s read and sing The 12 Days of Christmas together

-Let’s take a walk and look for wintry items to decorate the house (branches/holly for a vase, ivy/berries for greenery)

-Let’s read The Night Before Christmas together

-Let’s talk about what makes us happy and what we are thankful for

-Let’s have a family games night

-Today let’s all sing our favourite Christmas carols together

-Today let’s have dinner in a restaurant

-Let’s play Christmas music and all dance together after dinner

-Let’s make home made pizza for dinner and all watch a Christmas movie together

-Tonight at dinner let’s say 3 things about each family member that we love about him or her

-Today let’s go for a drive/walk around the neighbourhood and look at all the Christmas lights

-Let’s go for a long walk together and take bread for the ducks/food for the animals

-Let’s decorate the tree today

-Let’s have a picnic around the Christmas tree

-Let’s collect some books and toys and donate them to those in need

-Let’s drink hot chocolate and read Christmas books in bed together

-Tonight let’s get our torches and go for a walk in the dark

-Let’s make a Christmas card for someone very special

-Let’s bake some Christmas cookies and give them out to our neighbours in pretty packaging

-Let’s cut out paper snowflakes and decorate your bedrooms with them

-Let’s talk about charities, pick one and make a donation

-Write down our names on paper, fold them up and put them in a bowl. Everyone pick a name and make something special for him/her for under the Christmas tree

-Let’s draw Christmas pictures for people we love

Shelley x

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Alphabet mugs…


  Anthropologie Monogrammed Mug £6

I’m a sucker for anything monogrammed! I just love it, it seems to make the item more personal and makes me smile. I also love black and white so the above mugs are perfect and at £6 each I feel a reasonable price. I also love these by Oliver Bonus.

Shelley x

Jean Genie

02Z66EBLC_largeLet’s discuss jeans. Jeans for me are so important as they seem to make up most of my wardrobe, but are so hard to buy. Finding the right ones seems to be impossible. Topshop seems to do some very good pairs. These Leigh ones above, for me, are more comfortable than denim and can be easily dressed up or down. The high-waisted Jamie jeans are very flattering (in my opinion) as I love that they seem to hold-everything-in! I’m loving this cord version. These Baxter Blue Black jeans are fabulous, they seem to go with everything in my wardrobe. Finally I have my eye on these Joni ripped jeans, definitely next on my (long) list.

From Gap I’m loving these ‘real straight’ jeans and they come in regular, tall and petite, bonus!  But remember to give them a turn up. These again would look great dressed up or down. I have them dressed down in this recent Instagram pic.

To go with all the jeans above I love these New Look Black pointed shoes.


I got them before Christmas then they went out of stock, they are now back on the website. Looking ahead to spring this jumper from Warehouse is another item on my want list.


Bargain Products

photo (2)I am hugely into products and am always trying out new ones, however these ones I always stick with.  They are bargains but do the job. The Good Things exfoliator I tend to do once a week and I don’t rub it, just smooth it over my face before splashing it off with some water.  It smells amazing. The Garnier Micellar Cleansing water, I believe, is every bit as good as Bioderma sensibio H20 at removing make-up, but both are fab. The Herbal essences intensive mask, leaves hair silky smooth and smells divine. Again I tend to do this once a week. Finally the Garnier body scrub, for your body not your face, this is gentle yet effective. I usually do this in the shower before moisturising and it has really helped to make my skin feel silky smooth. Try at your leisure and let me know your thoughts.