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Shelley Loves’ Girls’ Shop

I thought it was about time I dedicated a post to my permanent shops. They have been on the blog for quite a while now but I haven’t gotten round to telling you about them. Some of you may have had a good look around the site and already found them, but for those who haven’t their is a link at the top of the page that states each shop and if you click on it it will take you to all items within that particular shop. There is a Girls Shop, Boys ShopLadies Shop, Baby Shop and even a Maternity shop. Above and below are a small selection of what is included.


Shelley Loves’ Ladies Shop


Shelley Loves’ Baby Shop


Shelley Loves’ Maternity Shop

Shelley x

Maternity basics…


1. Marks and Spencer’s Sweater £28

2. Topshop jeans £42

This post is all the items that I feel you will need as basics throughout your pregnancy. Items that can mix and match together well and can create the base of all other outfits. Add some leggings, these are amazing from Marks and Spencer’s, a coat, a scarf, tights, these, again from Marks and Spencer’s are super comfy, trainers and boots and you have a capsule maternity wardrobe. This top from ASOS would also be fabulous with the above jeans.

image1xxl (3)

ASOS Dungarees £30

This top from Topshop and this top from Marks and Spencer’s would look great under these dungarees. I seriously love these and they will be great for feeding afterwards. So cool with your trainers and a leather jacket.


ASOS Sculpt Jeans £35

Trust me when I say these jeans are amazing! You will wear them throughout the pregnancy, dressed up or down with jumper dresses, sweaters or a Breton top. Honestly a must have.


ASOS 2 Pack tunic Top £20

These 2 pack of black and whites tee are great for under the dungarees, with both jeans and you could dress them up or down.

image1xxl (4)

ASOS Jumper Dress £19

This cosy jumper dress (a bargain in the sale) will look as good with the above black jeans and trainers as it would with tights and boots.

image1xxl (5)

ASOS Bodycon Dress £35

If you have a night out planned I love this bodycon dress. Wear with tights and boots.

Shelley x

Maternity updates…


1. Topshop Maternity Shirt £30

2. Topshop Matermity Blazer £40

3. Topshop Maternirty Sweater £25

4. Maternity casual Blouse £38

5. Maternity Jamie Jeans £42

maternity 1

1. Topshop Maternity Self-Tie Short £36

2. Marks and Spencer’s Maternity T-Shirt £20

3. Marks and Spencer’s Maternity Leggings £12

maternity 2

1. Topshop Maternity Ribbed Top £12

2. Topshop Maternity Lounge Sweater £20

3. Topshop Maternity Coat £89

4. Topshop Maternity Baxter Jeans £40

The colder days and nights are drawing in and why just because you are pregnant can you not stay stylish? Maternity wear is so much better than when I was first pregnant and the high street seems to be getting a better selection (although not always in store). I remember for me the main issue was comfort, so above are my picks for the Autumn season! These will all mix and match so well together and should keep you going throughout your pregnancy and also for those first couple of months when you’ve had the baby but are just not back to your old self yet! I also love these joggers for lounging around the house (believe me when I say these will get well worn!)

Shelley x

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Maternity Basics 

Summer maternity…


1. Gap Stripe Zipper Dress £24.99

2. Topshop Vibrant Ballet Shoes £16

I love the above look, the dress is a bargain and one that will get worn a lot throughout your pregnancy. Everyone needs a stripe dress in their wardrobe. I have and love a pair of red ballet flats. I think they make all outfits look very chic and are most definitely not for just when you are pregnant. These will look equally as beautifully with your jeans as they will with this dress. These Topshop maternity jeans are fab. They have a jersey bump band at the top, which means they are comfortable as well as stylish.

Maternity 2

1. Topshop Maternity Overlay Maxi Dress £26

2. ASOS Fay Embellished Leather Sandals £25

Another simple but classy outfit. I love a maxi dress and when pregnant they are just so comfortable either for day or night.Black is good as it seems to make the bump appear smaller (I lived in black!)  The sandals I love and will go with all of your summer outfits. The embellishment makes them just that little bit smarter if you wanted to wear them for a night out as heels become harder to wear. I think this swimming costume is beautiful from Next.  I can guarantee you will need swimwear at some point during your pregnancy, in fact swimming feels great as it’s the only time you feel light! Finally I love this dress from Gap in the sale. In fact I really love it. I almost wish I could buy it for me as it looks so comfy and I know I would wear it loads.

Shelley x