Denim for days (and night)…


Image taken from Pinterest

Is there ever a time when denim isn’t cool? It has to be the most worn part of my wardrobe and no longer is it just my jeans that are my go to, but I think my dungarees have actually been worn the most this year! There are lots of denim options around at the minute. Below are some of my favourites.

Shelley x

P.S; The Aigle wellies Bobby had on yesterday have 20% off at the moment! Link here.

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For the boys…


Shorts Two Pack

In the summer Bob lives in his shorts, he would wear them every day if I let him, even in the rain. Therefore we need to have a good stash. I’m loving the ones above and also these 2 pack of chinos. These ones are also cool in this colour and this colour.

Below are some more favourites.

Shelley x

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The White Company…

dress 1


Chambray Spot Dress

The beautiful White Company. Always classy, always chic and always very good quality. Daisy and Bob have been wearing their pyjamas since being tiny as they are truly the best and wash so well. Here is a selection of their children’s clothing I am loving at the minute.

Shelley x

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From sunny Tuscany…


Embroidered Top £18-£23

My wifi is horrendous here in Tuscany, but if I am near the pool or bar I have signal! After a week of not really being on the internet at all I have begun to miss shopping just a little, so this morning, whilst the kids were happily jumping in the pool, I perused the ‘New In’ section of Next. I wish I hadn’t! There is too much gorgeousness! I have just ordered Daisy the top above (is it bad that I have also ordered the 16 for me) and these denim shorts to go with it. I’m also tempted by these sandals and this top so Daisy and I could match!

Shelley x

Spring at Marks and Spencer’s

My favourite boys shirts for the summer…

Monsoon shirt

Monsoon Shirt

Boden Sunglasses

Boden Shorts

Saltwater Sandals

This is exactly the kind of outfit Bobby absolutely loves, seriously, we have these shorts and he has wanted to wear them constantly. I have bought both the light and dark version and they are ace. Well worth the money and fit so well. The shirt we had a couple of years ago and although it looks nothing off, it is stunning on! I have re-ordered this years’ version for Bob. If you have never owned a pair of the Saltwater Sandals you are missing out! They are amazing. You can go in the water in them and my goodness they can take a bashing. Bob usually gets Daisy’s hand me downs and they still look like new, even though she has worn them all summer. I order the navy or tan (Bob has navy for this year) and they go with all his summer outfits. Below are some other shirts that I have been checking out for Bobby. I do so love a granddad collar!

Shelley x

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A slogan tee…


Image taken from Pinterest


Image taken from Pinterest


Image taken from Pinterest


Image taken from Pinterest

Slogan tee’s are everywhere at the minute, all the best people are wearing them, so it is only right I should share some of my favourites with you. There are lots around to choose from, and they look so cool and look good with just about anything. Leather skirt, chinos, jeans and denim shorts. Below I have chosen my favourites and what I would wear them with.

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My favourite things…

TS17U06JMUL_Zoom_M_2 (1)

Embroidered Jacket now £35

cut offs.jpg

1. Topshop Embroidered Jacket £35

2. Gap Linen Sleeve Tee £19.99

3. Topshop Denim Shorts £28

4. Topshop Loafer £62

For me this is my kind of look, it’s what I feel comfy in. I posted another denim shorts look here and here (where I give you lots of different short options). The weather (where I live anyway) is always so unpredictable that a jacket is a must. This one is now a bargain in the sale, but there are not many sizes left I’m afraid. Loafers are huge, they are everywhere at the minute and they look good with just about everything. They are definitely worth investing in. They will be worn with your jeans as well as smarter trousers. If the loafers are not your thing can I just mention the sandals below, how gorgeous? I love them, but do I need another pair?


ASOS Sandals £28

Shelley x

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1. Reiss Straw Fedora now £22.50

2. Mango Blouse now £8.99

3. New Look Sandals now £6.99

4. Topshop Denim Shorts £28.00

I love the very end of the sales, when things get really reduced and you can get some true bargains. Some other faves include this skirt, this dress, this dress, this top (in both colour ways) from Boden. The Mango sale is amazing, this top is gorgeous as is this one, this one (so beautiful), this one in ecru. This dress, this dress, this dress (which I adore but I’m not sure how it would work with my boobs) and finally this dress…

I could go on but I’ll leave you to have a good look.

Shelley x

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New Season Olivier Baby…


1. Ned Shirt £36-£38

2. Ernest Boys Shorts £34

3. Jemima Skirt £36

Olivier Baby and Kids has to be one of my favourite go to’s when shopping for my children. A British Company set up by two sisters. The new season Collection has arrived and it does not in any way disappoint! I have so many items in my basket as everything is just so gorgeous. Beautiful Liberty print blouses, shirts, rompers and dresses, chambray pieces and knitwear to die for. The above skirts with braces are definitely a fave as is the boys Ned shirt and shorts (I can just see Bob in the whole outfit). They cater for baby through to age 10, which makes me very happy as Daisy has outgrown quite a lot of brands. I love this dress and this dress for Daisy, this top, this top and this top and finally how gorgeous is this sun hat?


For Bobby I have my eye on the above Ned shirt, but also this jumper, this shirt, this shirt,(swoon),and this shirt as I know Bobby would love the zoo animals.


For the babies I love everything but my top picks would be this dress, this romper, this romper, this all-in-one, these dungarees, this blouse and these bloomers, but please go and have a look around the site yourself as everything is adorable.


I have teamed up with the magnificent Olivier Baby and Kids to offer my readers 15% off for two weeks only with the code Shelley15. Happy shopping!

Shelley x

P.S; Here’s Daisy in one of her Olivier baby dresses and here and here’s Bobby in one of his shirts.

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Spring at Gap for girls and boys…


1. Solid Pocket Tee £6.95

2. Retro Sunglasses £5

3. Railroad Carpenter Shorts £14.95

4. Chambray Slip-on Sneakers £12.95

This is the kind of outfit Bobby would happily live in. Classic and chic, comfortable and easy to match with other items. We have the slip-ons every year and Bobby loves that he can put them on himself.

Toddler girl

1. Lace Yoke Dress £24.95

2. Textured Cardigan £11.99

3. Metallic Colourblock sandals £12.95

4. Chambray Panama Hat £12.95

I know it’s white and this scares us, but it’s beautiful and they get dirty any way! I have a bit of a thing for little girls in white dresses. Daisy had about 5 last summer and I have already started her collection this year! If I could I would definitely be squeezing her in the above one, gutted.

Shelley x