Boden bargains for the children…

I couldn’t really do a Boden sales round up without including my kids picks, so here they are…

Shelley x

The Boden sale mama picks…

There was already 60% off the Boden sale but they have now added an extra 10% off with the code NS18. How good is that? They have so many fabulus pieces in a good range of sizes. Above I have chosen my favourites and may have purchased a few!!

Shelley x

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The White Company…

dress 1


Chambray Spot Dress

The beautiful White Company. Always classy, always chic and always very good quality. Daisy and Bob have been wearing their pyjamas since being tiny as they are truly the best and wash so well. Here is a selection of their children’s clothing I am loving at the minute.

Shelley x

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Bikini time…


The White Company Banded Bikini


 ASOS Gingham Bikini

I am just back from my holidays in beautiful Tuscany, so still have beachwear very firmly on my mind. I don’t think I have ever seen so many magnificent speciamans in one place. The Italians were HOT! What they wore was miniscule and their bodies were bronzed magnificence! Here are some bikini’s I am loving for us ladies. If you prefer a swimsuit, you may like this post.

Shelley x

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Beach wear for our boys…


Pink Swim Shorts


Navy shark Print Swim Shorts

I have shared my favourite beach wear for our little ladies, so I thought it only fair I have a look and share my finds for our boys. There are some cool swim shorts around. I am a bit of a fan of plain colours or stripes (nothing new there), so here are my picks. I like these and these from John Lewis and these from Gap, these from Next are cool in all their different colours as are these and I’m loving all of the below.

Shelley x

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Girls summer dresses…


Grey Stripe Dress


White Ruffle Dress


White Broderie Detail Dress


Textured Dress

The sun shone briefly on us this weekend, but now it feels like the middle of winter again, but it got me in the mood for summer clothes. I am loving the ones above and here are some other items I am loving for our little ladies, this dress (how cool), this dressthis skirt, it would be beautiful with a white blousethese super cool flared jeans, I mean how gorgeous are the pom poms? This dress ( in both colour ways), this tankini, even if just for the knickers and also this tankini.

Shelley x

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Beachwear for our little ladies



Swimsuit £26-£28

I’m starting with a swimsuit and will do a seperate bikini post. Over the last couple of years I have become a one piece fan. Maybe it’s an age thing, maybe it’s that they have become more fashionable, maybe it’s that the designs are so much better and maybe it’s because every high street shop has a fabulous selection. Whatever the reason, I am a total convert. There’s also the fact that I don’t have to diet to wear one! My wobbly tummy is firmly tucked away. I favour a black one (hence why there are so many black ones in my selection) but I did add colour last year. I’m thinking possibly a red one this year ( too many years of Baywatch as a child) and I’m kind of liking some of the frill detailing! Anyway below are some of my favourites around at the minute.

Shelley x

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Beach wear for our little ladies…


Gingham Swimsuit


Gingham Bikini

996-053s 956-480s

Stripe Frill Swimsuit

Swimwear, I love a swimsuit, Daisy loves a bikini! So we have to negotiate and usually Daisy wins. I do love just bikini bottoms but I think she is getting a little big for this now. There are some beauties around this year though so maybe I’ll win her over. This one I saw in store last week and it was very cute, and this bikini I think is cool for the bigger girls. below are some more of my favourites.

Shelley x


Pretty frills…



Ruffle Swimsuit from £18

How pretty is this little swimsuit? Perfect for holidays and my mind is now firmly set on them. I love the colours and I love the little ruffle. Daisy will most definitely be swimming in the sea in this little beauty. The bikini version is also very sweet. Oh and can we just take a minute to appreciate how fabulous these sandals are?

Shelley x

 P.S; Next have had their new summer drop and some of the dresses are magnificent! I particularly love this one , this one and these Mary Janes.


Frill Dress £18 ( I love both colour ways)


Pretty Ruffle Dress £13

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Some stripes I’m loving

Summer maternity…


1. Gap Stripe Zipper Dress £24.99

2. Topshop Vibrant Ballet Shoes £16

I love the above look, the dress is a bargain and one that will get worn a lot throughout your pregnancy. Everyone needs a stripe dress in their wardrobe. I have and love a pair of red ballet flats. I think they make all outfits look very chic and are most definitely not for just when you are pregnant. These will look equally as beautifully with your jeans as they will with this dress. These Topshop maternity jeans are fab. They have a jersey bump band at the top, which means they are comfortable as well as stylish.

Maternity 2

1. Topshop Maternity Overlay Maxi Dress £26

2. ASOS Fay Embellished Leather Sandals £25

Another simple but classy outfit. I love a maxi dress and when pregnant they are just so comfortable either for day or night.Black is good as it seems to make the bump appear smaller (I lived in black!)  The sandals I love and will go with all of your summer outfits. The embellishment makes them just that little bit smarter if you wanted to wear them for a night out as heels become harder to wear. I think this swimming costume is beautiful from Next.  I can guarantee you will need swimwear at some point during your pregnancy, in fact swimming feels great as it’s the only time you feel light! Finally I love this dress from Gap in the sale. In fact I really love it. I almost wish I could buy it for me as it looks so comfy and I know I would wear it loads.

Shelley x