Monsoon sale…



Monsoon Lacey Frill Dress

The Monsoon sale is now 70% off and there are some real bargains to be had, like the dress above, it’s now only £26.70! I mean you could tuck it into your trousers, under dungarees to make it into a top! Be quick though as there are barely any sizes left in most pieces.

Shelley x

P.S; The top I’m wearing on instagram today is linked here. It’s a beauty and a total bargain in the sale, size down though.

New in…




Bow Ruffled Jumpsuit

This weather is so uninspiring. I have no clue what to wear on most days, as my summer clothes are too cold, but my winter clothes are too warm and if I wear a rain coat I just end up a sweaty mess. However, there is lots of new loveliness in ths shops to tempt me into spending again ( no point in buying any summer items in the sale). Below is a mixture of what I’m loving.

Shelley x

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Denim for day (and nights)

Summer shopping

Denim for days (and night)…


Image taken from Pinterest

Is there ever a time when denim isn’t cool? It has to be the most worn part of my wardrobe and no longer is it just my jeans that are my go to, but I think my dungarees have actually been worn the most this year! There are lots of denim options around at the minute. Below are some of my favourites.

Shelley x

P.S; The Aigle wellies Bobby had on yesterday have 20% off at the moment! Link here.

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Summer shopping

New Look Friday

Summer shopping…


There are so many gorgeous ‘new in’ items hitting the shops and I am very excited by them. Lots of colour and pattern which is just fabulous. I seem to be very busy at the minute, what with school plays, sports days, work, the list could go on.  I am so looking forward to the school holidays, lie ins, slow mornings and having new adventures with Daisy and Bobby. Because of this chaos I have not really ordered anything from the sales, but below are some items I have my eye on.

Shelley x

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New Look Friday

The Marks and Spencer’s sale

New Look Friday…


I do so love New Look, so much loveliness at such good prices. The yellow dress Caroline Flack is wearing in the above picture is within this weeks favourites.

Shelley x

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Straw bags

The Marks and Spencer’s sale…


Long Sleeve Shirt Dress

Finally the Marks and Spencer’s sale has started and I have to say it is a really rather good one! Anyhow, I have had a quick gander and chosen some pieces I love or have alread! I haven’t shared loads as there was so much gorgeousness, but quick go check it out for yourself befor everything goes!

Shelley x

Shelley Loves Interiors Shop

My favourite tees…


Vintage Cotton V- Neck Tee


Vintage Cotton Scoop Neck Tee


 Vintage Cotton Tee

I have had so many emails asking me where to buy fabulous plain tees from  and my answer has to be J Crew. They really are that good. As plain t-shirts go these are by far my favourites. I have all 3 above in various colours and and also have the long sleeve versions.

Shelley x

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Mia Lia…


Today on the blog I have a very exciting interview with the lovely Marie, founder of Mia Lia, a beautiful on-line jewellery store. Designer Marie creates exuberant, stylish, hand made fashion jewellery with a bohemian touch. Marie was fascinated by the healing properties and cultural meanings found within stones and jewellery pieces and so started to source the rarest stones from all continents and incorporate them into her designs, the results are not only stunning but also mood changers.

1.When and how did you 1st come up with the idea of Mia Lia?  

I totally fell into it by accident years ago. I started to make my own bracelets because they were always too big for me when I’d try them on in shops. I specifically remember trying so many on in Harvey Nichols and they would just fall off my wrist even though they were elasticated! Friends of mine soon after were asking me to make bracelets for them. I had taken a break from work for personal reasons and Christmas was coming up so a close friend suggested she host a jewellery party for me. I stocked up on natural stones and various other beads I’d gathered from antique markets, put a little collection together and voila, to my great surprise, it was sell out!

2.What were you doing before Mia Lia?  

I was working in the fashion industry and training on my day off to become a florist.



  1. How do you juggle family life with working at Mia Lia?

I have to be very strict with myself and plan my days ahead. I’m rarely seen without my diary and notebooks filled with endless lists to try and stay on top of what I need to do. Juggling it all can be very hard as I don’t ever want to miss out on anything with the kids yet my business is like another baby that desperately needs me too.

  1. What’s the best bit of running your own business?

On a personal level, I love that I get to be a part of my children’s daily lives and not just on the weekends. Getting to do most school runs and able to attend assemblies is such a plus point for me. Before you know it they’ll be teenagers and that’ll be it, they probably won’t want to be seen dead with their mum! On the business side I’m so lucky that I get to be creative every day and ultimately I can run the business exactly as I please.

  1. And the worst?

I sometimes miss not being managed by someone else and on some days it can be really hard to motivate myself and know which direction to go in.  I also miss not being able to switch off especially when we are on a family holiday or on the weekends. This can be a problem sometimes and ‘Friday’ is not quite ‘Friyay’ when you run your own business. It’s very difficult to separate work life with private life because I always need to have my finger on everything.

  1. What advice do you have for people wanting to launch their own business?

Think your idea through well, do as much research as possible and ask for help! It’s something I didn’t do and am still guilty of doing. So many people from the beginning right till just last week are always telling me how in awe they are of me running my own business, however I’m always explaining to them it definitely is not easier than working for someone else. It takes more than dedication and you need to really be prepared for the rises and the falls. The market and economy can be so unpredictable so nothing is ever certain. If you don’t put the work into it, they’ll be no benefits. On the up side, my set up definitely suits my free spirit character as I can get bored easily so it’s good that I can adapt to change very quickly.  It certainly  suits my spontaneous nature. A boho traveller I am sure in a past life!

  1. What are your 5 favourite things on your site?

My top 5 favourite things on the site is what you probably see me wear on most days –


  1. Rarely seen without my ‘Keepsake Bracelets’, I literally have only taken my bracelets off 3 times since I started my business. I just keep adding more to my wrist and occasionally change stones during the different seasons depending on energies I feel I’m in need of and depending on my mood for some colour therapy.


  1. ‘Twinkle Twinkle Five Star Necklace’ representing one of my favourite mythological stories on the ‘Seven Sisters’ constellation.


  1. MAMA DISC Necklace– literally wear it all the time


  1. To the Moon and Stars Gold Necklace


  1. Mama’s Gold Heart Locket which was my first ever Mother’s Day gift so I felt the need to share and add on my site for all the lovely mamas that shop from me.

If you are over on instagram Mia Lia and I are hosting a fabulous competition to win one of her beautiful MAMA disc necklaces.

Shelley x

P.S; check out their Mini Mia section for fabulous gift ideas for the kids.

The Boden sale mama picks…

There was already 60% off the Boden sale but they have now added an extra 10% off with the code NS18. How good is that? They have so many fabulus pieces in a good range of sizes. Above I have chosen my favourites and may have purchased a few!!

Shelley x

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Straw bags…



Images taken from Pinterest

If I think of a basket bag I instantly think of the magnificent Jane Birkin who was always seen rocking one. Only this morning I was watching Coco before Chanel and she had the most fabulous mini one! The last couple of seasons they have just been getting ever more popular and although in the past they were more regularly associated with the beach, this is no longer the case. They look equally as chic on a day to day basis. Below are some of my favourites.

Shelley x

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