M&S extravaganza…



1. Floppy hat £14

2. Cord Pinny £16-£20

3. Spotted blouse from £12

4. Slip On Trainers £16-£18

Marks and Spencer’s have 20% off today  (15th) through to Monday (19th) with the code SEPT16A16. So I thought I would bring you some of my favourite pieces. There are so many to choose from. What a gorgeous new collection they have. Shoe wise I also love these, thesethese boots and these. I love this bag, this backpack, these pyjamas, these pyjamas and this hat.



1. Grey Marl T-Shirt £3-£4

2. Crew Neck Jumper £12-£14

3. Slim Denim Jeans £12-£16

4. Leather Trainers £26-£28

5. Parka Jacket £32-£34

Again such a good selection of boys wear, especially the shoe section. I also love these boots, thesethese and these. I love this jumper, this cardigan, this jumper, this sweater, these pyjamas and these.

FullSizeRender (20).jpg


1. Patchwork blanket £18

2. Chunky Knit Hooded Cardigan £12

3. Ele rattle £6

4. 5 pack Muslin Squares £10

5. Pram Shoe £8

The baby collection is all stunning especially the unisex. I have posted lots of Marks and Spencer’s baby here, here and here.

Shelley x

Baby knits…


Marks and Spencer’s £16

Although I mourn the summer I do so love babies wrapped up all snugly and gorgeous in their winter woollies. This set is also beautiful as are these booties and these (which also come in this colour). I love this cardigan, this romper from John Lewis, this one piece from Gap (in vanilla and navy) and this cardigan (in all colours). This is super cute from La Redoute (and they still have 25% off at the minute) as is this and this.

Shelley x

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Autumn babies (0-3)…


1. Dress and tights outfit £23

2. Boden Cable Knit Cardigan £22.50

3. Next Boot £10

Is it bad that I am getting excited for the autumn clothes already? All the berry colours and the cosy fabrics. However, the weather doesn’t seem to be playing and has suddenly hotted up! A cable knit cardigan is a must and will go with so many other items in your little ladies wardrobe, cosy and cuddly what’s not to love? I love ready made sets. A whole outfit without having to think about what goes with what. La Redoute are amazing at this. Others I love on their site include this one, this one and this one and there is a fabulous 25% off with code NEW at the minute, so these are total bargains. Marks and Spencer’s also do beautiful sets, including this one and this one and any of the ones I posted about previously within this post.

Shelley x

P.S; Remember there is also 20% off at Boden till Thursday night (8th) with the code 6B4B.

P.P.S; How cute is this cardigan?

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Here come the girls…


3 Pack Trouser Set £26

I love this. I think the colours are beautiful. The autumn clothing that is starting to appear is just gorgeous and  I know I shouldn’t be but I am getting excited to buy it. I love this little pinafore set, this sailors dress, these little shoes are fabulous, these pointelle sets, these sleepsuits and these rompers. I love outfits that you don’t have to think about!

Shelley x

P.S; I know these aren’t Autumny and are totally for the sun, but how gorgeous?

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Grey Marl Badger Knitted Jacket from £30.50

I know, I know it’s only August and the babies should be in their beautiful summer clothes, but it just isn’t happening is it? So I share with you the most beautiful cardigans from Boden. These always sell out fast, hence why I’m sharing them now.  As well as the above badger there is this deer one, this  water melon stripe one and this navy stripe version. I LOVE them all!

Shelley x

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Little people loveliness…


Appliqué Dress £18

How pretty is this little dress? How gorgeous would it be on a baby girl. Marks and Spencer’s baby collection just keeps getting better and better, nearly every piece is exquisite. I may get carried away here but how gorgeous is this cardigan (which has this romper to match) and also comes in this colour way (just the right shade of pink and both contain cashmere). I love this set and this top, which would be just beautiful with these knickers and the above cardigan.   


Romper with Linen £18

I spotted this in store last week whilst shopping with my mum and we both agreed it was beautiful. I would so have put this on Bobby. I also loved this all in one and this one, these joggers, this cardigan, this set (if you are going to a special occasion) and finally these swim shorts. Happy shopping…

Shelley x

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The White Company sale…


Anchor Jumper now £12.80 

The White Company up to 60% off sale has now started and there are some fantastic items still to be had, I have ordered quite a few bits for the kids. The White Company is fantastic quality and the colours are always beautiful. It is definitely worth taking a look.


Sophia Dress now £16.80


Butterfly Romper now £11


Gingham Sleepsuit now £13

Other items that are well worth a look include, for the boys, this jacket, this jumper and this shirt. For the girls, this top, this dress, this jumper and this dress. Cute baby items include this sleepsuit, this jumper, this cardigan and this jumper

Shelley x

P.S; This post wasn’t sponsored I just loved so much in the sale!

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Baby and toddler book choices…


Press Here

This book is so good, Daisy and Bobby loved this when they were little (and still love it now when we dig it out). It is a fabulously interactive book which invites children to use their imaginations.


The book begins with a simple yellow dot and the instruction to press here and turn the page. More dots appear, and the reader is urged to tap this one or rub this one, gently. The dots multiply, change and generally react, so it seems, to the child’s response. It helps to teach them colours, counting and how to follow instructions, whilst developing their motor skills. No flashing lights, no flaps or pull outs just simple illustrations.


I highly recommend this and like I say it is not just for small children. Another fabulous book is Alphabet.


ABC: A Child’s First Alphabet Book

Beautiful illustrations and very clever. In this book the text is very simple, A is for apple, B is for balloon. However what is special about the book is that each page is in honour of that letter, so on the D page you will find a dog, doughnut, door and also an envelope, which gives you a little hint as to what will be on the next page. I was prompted to write this post tonight as Daisy and Bob had been reading this together in bed last night and they were having a competition to see who could find the most items. Alison Jay’s books are all worth buying, seriously, check out I Took the Moon for a Walk and Alison Jay Counting – Board Book: A Child’s First 123


Happy Lion

Finally this has to be one of Bobby’s firm favourites. A story about a lion in a Zoo, who people love to come and say ‘bonjour’ to. One day his cage is left open and he decides to go and see all his friends, but when he tries to say hello they all run away in terror. A lovely story of friendship and one I think Daisy, Bobby and I nearly know off by heart.

Shelley x

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Fairy doors…

FullSizeRender (18).jpg


This is our new lodger, a fairy has moved into our garden. The excitement this door has brought is completely priceless. It took about a week for Daisy to notice it, I tell you I was living on my nerves, the anticipation was killing me. We’d looked at the flowers around it, objects had been thrown near to it, we’d pointed out the cat sleeping under the tree, but nothing and then one evening whilst playing catch, the ball (accidentally of course) rolled in that direction and then we heard the little squeal of excitement, followed by ‘mummy, there’s a door in the tree, a fairy must have moved in!’ Her face, just lovely, so excited.  Since then she has built the fairy a path, left food in case she is hungry, Bob made a flag for her, they’ve written her letters. It is truly gorgeous to see their imaginations running wild. I have since noticed another little door pop up in our other tree, again they are yet to find it, but I feel our garden may be a place that the fairies like to live.

Shelley x

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