Baby knits…


Marks and Spencer’s £16

Although I mourn the summer I do so love babies wrapped up all snugly and gorgeous in their winter woollies. This set is also beautiful as are these booties and these (which also come in this colour). I love this cardigan, this romper from John Lewis, this one piece from Gap (in vanilla and navy) and this cardigan (in all colours). This is super cute from La Redoute (and they still have 25% off at the minute) as is this and this.

Shelley x

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Summer journals…

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

I wanted to write about the journals that Daisy and Bobby have been completing for the last couple of years. I started them as a bit of a diary for both them and I to remember what we got up to over the summer. I bought them a notebook each and thought we would complete them as regularly as possible.

FullSizeRender (6)

It was clear early on that they needed guidance with what to include within their entries, so I wrote a list of questions at the back of each one.

Things to collect

Entrance tickets




Feathers, flowers, and more…

Questions to consider

The date today

People I was with today

Friends I made today

The location of today

Where did we stay today

What was the weather like today

How did I feel today

What was the best and worst bit of today

What did I eat today

Architecture I saw today

Something I learnt today

A book I’m reading, music I listened to or a film I’ve watched

Bobby had just started to read and write, so I thought he could develop this and use drawing to express himself. His are a lot less detailed than Daisy’s but this years entries are getting much better.

FullSizeRender (9).jpg

FullSizeRender (11).jpg

This notebook Roger la Borde Elegant Owls Lined A4 Notebook
is fabulous as a journal and there are lots of different designs.

Shelley x

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Summer waves…

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Toni and Guy Style Fix Curler £24.99

I wanted to talk to you about these magnificent little curlers. They are handbag size, so I was a little dubious as to how good they would actually be! Well they are amazing, seriously, just as good, if not better, than my full size version. I used them for the 1st time on Saturday when I was going out and was very happy with the results.


ASOS Dress now £44

Like I said they are travel size so will be perfect for packing for my holidays. They also have straightners and a waver version and these are just as fabulous. I trialled the wavers on Daisy!


Definitely worth a purchase if you are wanting to invest.

Shelley x

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Colourful (bargain) accessories…


Tassel Bracelet now £4.99

I bought this full price and these beautiful earrings to match, (not to be worn together). They now have a whopping 70% off and are total bargains! How good will they look on these summer nights?  I also love this version of the matching earrings, these pretty earrings, this necklace to jazz up a plain outfit, this necklace, this bag, this bag, this bag, that I have and love (see it here in action), and finally this bag.

Shelley x

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My little chef…


The Silver Spoon for Children: Favourite Italian Recipes

Daisy has recently got very into cooking and baking but was a little bored with the usual ‘cook with kids books’ so we ordered this as we have and really love The Silver Spoon (Cookery). This is a fantastic scaled down version of the classic book. It has a brilliant selection of basic Italian recipes (think minestrone soup, lasagne and pizza) that both children and adults will enjoy making. The illustrations help to guide you through the steps and each page gives you a brief history of the dish, which Daisy enjoyed reading. We especially loved the yummy orange cake she made recently, seriously good.

Daisy also has 30 Yummy Things to Bake (Usborne Activity Cards).

download (6).jpg

These are a great set of cards with easy to follow recipes for kids. They are very sturdy and wipe clean and the photos are wonderful at helping with how they should look. Big hits were the chocolate fudge brownies and the Victoria sponge cake.

Shelley x

P.S. How gorgeous is this quilt from Laura Ashley. Gotta love pom poms!

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Baby and toddler book choices…


Press Here

This book is so good, Daisy and Bobby loved this when they were little (and still love it now when we dig it out). It is a fabulously interactive book which invites children to use their imaginations.


The book begins with a simple yellow dot and the instruction to press here and turn the page. More dots appear, and the reader is urged to tap this one or rub this one, gently. The dots multiply, change and generally react, so it seems, to the child’s response. It helps to teach them colours, counting and how to follow instructions, whilst developing their motor skills. No flashing lights, no flaps or pull outs just simple illustrations.


I highly recommend this and like I say it is not just for small children. Another fabulous book is Alphabet.


ABC: A Child’s First Alphabet Book

Beautiful illustrations and very clever. In this book the text is very simple, A is for apple, B is for balloon. However what is special about the book is that each page is in honour of that letter, so on the D page you will find a dog, doughnut, door and also an envelope, which gives you a little hint as to what will be on the next page. I was prompted to write this post tonight as Daisy and Bob had been reading this together in bed last night and they were having a competition to see who could find the most items. Alison Jay’s books are all worth buying, seriously, check out I Took the Moon for a Walk and Alison Jay Counting – Board Book: A Child’s First 123


Happy Lion

Finally this has to be one of Bobby’s firm favourites. A story about a lion in a Zoo, who people love to come and say ‘bonjour’ to. One day his cage is left open and he decides to go and see all his friends, but when he tries to say hello they all run away in terror. A lovely story of friendship and one I think Daisy, Bobby and I nearly know off by heart.

Shelley x

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Fairy doors…

FullSizeRender (18).jpg


This is our new lodger, a fairy has moved into our garden. The excitement this door has brought is completely priceless. It took about a week for Daisy to notice it, I tell you I was living on my nerves, the anticipation was killing me. We’d looked at the flowers around it, objects had been thrown near to it, we’d pointed out the cat sleeping under the tree, but nothing and then one evening whilst playing catch, the ball (accidentally of course) rolled in that direction and then we heard the little squeal of excitement, followed by ‘mummy, there’s a door in the tree, a fairy must have moved in!’ Her face, just lovely, so excited.  Since then she has built the fairy a path, left food in case she is hungry, Bob made a flag for her, they’ve written her letters. It is truly gorgeous to see their imaginations running wild. I have since noticed another little door pop up in our other tree, again they are yet to find it, but I feel our garden may be a place that the fairies like to live.

Shelley x

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Gift ideas…

FullSizeRender (16).jpg

Merci Maman Liberty Bracelet £29

It’s just been my beautiful little ladies 9th birthday and she received some fabulous presents so I thought I would share some of her favourite gifts with you, just in case you need any present ideas. Merci Maman do some magnificent bracelets and some of them are now reduced, perfect gifts for christenings, bridesmaids or flower girls. Here is the full collection, take a look.


Sleepover Party Mad Libs (Mad Libs (Unnumbered Paperback))

So cheap, but seriously Daisy has had hours of fun, she loves these. I bought her a few including Happily Ever Mad Libs and Spy Mad Libs and she has played with them every day. There are a huge variety of themes. It is something we can do together whilst teaching her grammar. Basically you have to add words into the spaces to make a silly stories. Hours of fun.


Mahina Mermaid Lil Merfin Coral

Next up is this fantastic fin. Daisy wanted this so badly! After lots of research this was the safest and got the best reviews. This is for our holidays in the summer, but will be sampled at the swimming baths as soon as possible. Check out the video of it in use here.


Topjoy 1080P Full HD 2.0 inch Screen Waterproof Sports Action Camera Cam DV 5MP DVR Helmet Camera Sports DV Camcorder

Last up is this camera (it comes in lots of colours, so just as good for boys), it’s fabulous, it can be for normal photos or for underwater use and you can also take videos on it. It’s tiny but is ace. Daisy has been taking some very funny videos of her and Bobby and it will be brilliant when she’s a mermaid on holiday!

There are more which I will share at a later date…

Shelley x

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Seeing spots…


Spot Print Slip Dress £36

seeing spots.jpg

1. Mango Earrings now £4.99

2. Topshop Spot Print Slip Dress £36

3. Mango Leather Jacket £119

4. Mango Sandals now £12.99

This is such an easy outfit to throw on, can easily do all seasons and be worn for any occasion. Heels like the first picture for a night out, with sandals in the summer (see me here) and trainers for everyday (see me here) . A leather jacket is a real investment piece and they truly do get better with age, so it is worth buying a decent one to start with. The Mango one above is gorgeous and remember with code 6SALE8 there is 30% off 1 item or 40% of 3 or more. There is also a fabulous sale on at Mango at the minute with lots of beautiful pieces being reduced so well worth taking a look. I seem to keep putting in orders!

Shelley x

P.S; I’ve been a bit crazy busy, what with just coming back off our holiday’s and organising Daisy’s party and birthday that I am behind in a Fathers Day post! However Mark is a book fan, (autobiographies, cook books and anything travel related) so I have bought him this subscription  (4 months for the price of 3) where he will receive a book a month (they tailor it to the readers tastes) and I don’t have to do any of the hard work! Yippee! A gift that keeps on giving, perfect.


Book subscription 

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