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Room on the Broom

I thought I’d write about some fabulous things to buy the kids for Halloween, we’ve collected lots over the years but these are our favourites. If you don’t own Room on the Broom, this is a must read, it’s by the author of The Gruffalo, Stick Man and A Squash and A Squeeze and is another classic.  Lots of action, repitition and great illustrations. It is about a friendly witch and her cat who pick up friends on their travels but disaster strikes when her broom snaps! Very eye catching and good from an early age. It’s also available on DVD. Room On The Broom [DVD]


No Such Thing

This is such a good book. Georgia notices mysteries going on around her house and goes to investigate them. There are cobwebs covering her favourite books and items keep changing places! The story is told in verse and has fabulous pictures which bring the book to life. Bobby and Daisy love to count all the cute ghosts hiding on the pages. It’s very vintage in style. A really sweet and clever, but simple book.

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 Hocus Pocus [DVD] [1993]

Now they are a little older, this is most definitely their favourite. Last year they watched it on repeat nearly all of October! ‘Three hundred years after they were sentenced to die in Salem, a trio of witches return to gain their revenge. Terrorising the town’s trick-or-treaters on Halloween, riding on vacuum cleaners instead of broomsticks, the only thing that can stop them is a black cat – in fact a boy who was turned into feline form on the day of the witches’ original execution.’ It is a fantastic family film, not just for Halloween. It has the infamous Bette Midler in it and the magnificent Sarah Jessica Parker and is just good clean fun!


Rufus: The Bat Who Loved

We have and love this one. Bobby says he loves it because ‘the bat turns colourful’.

‘Like all bats, Rufus sees life in black and white, until he chances upon an outdoor movie theatre and is awakened to the dazzling world of colours for the first time. Inspired and excited, Rufus paints his own wings and ventures out into the day, only to discover that his unusual appearance attracts unwelcome attention. Though he is initially rejected for his difference, Rufus soon learns to accept himself for who he is’.


How To Make Friends With A Ghost

This new book by Rebecca Green is so good. I love Halloween books and this one didn’t disappoint. Very well written and with beautiful illustrations  it was instantly a hit with Daisy and Bobby. You learn about what games to play with ghosts, what foods to offer them and ghost ettiquette. These are obviously very important if you want to be friends with a ghost for life.


Bonaparte Falls Apart

Bonaparte is falling apart, bones are flying rolling and flipping everywhere. School is starting soon and Bonaparte is worried he will get picked on, but he finds a boneloving friend to help keep things together. A hit with both kids and it has been read several times already since it arrived. Beautiful characters, a charming story and delightful illustrations, one to add to your halloween book collection.


With very colourful and bright illustrations and a fantastically funny sing-song rhyme, this is a brilliant book which reminds me very much of Julia Donaldson and so if you have loved her books you will love this. About a little boy who discovers that his jam doughnut has no jam in it, it becomes a bit of a ‘who done it’.

Shelley x

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